Weight Clinic Success!!

Chester was a 39kg Labrador who was referred to one of our nurses Amy Davison for weight clinics after a routine check up with the vet found that he was severely overweight.

Amy saw Chester for his first weight clinic back in March 2014. Through discussions with his owner on what Chester was eating and how much exercise he was doing a personalised weight loss plan was devised.

This initially started by calculating the amount of calories Chester was allowed to consume to achieve a safe amount of weight loss, and working out how many calories there were in the food he was eating. Chester’s owners were then advised on this amount and very vigilantly weighed out his food every day and ensured no-one slipped him any naughty extra tit bits!

When Chester came back for his first re-weigh, he had lost very little weight, so the decision was made to switch Chester to a special diet called Satiety. So why satiety – it wraps around glucose, which means there is not a drop in glucose levels so your pet does not feel hungry. It is also high in protein, which ensures that there is minimal muscle loss during the weight loss program.

At his next weigh in, Chester had lost over a kilo. His owner was very pleased with this and was happy that Chester’s new diet was doing the trick; along with ensuring his food was weighed out accurately daily.

Amy continued to see Chester every 3-5 weeks to offer support and motivation to his owner. With every visit he continued to successful loose weight.

Only 22 weeks after originally coming in to see Amy Chester reached his target weight of 32kg.

All the staff at Rainsbrook are immensely proud of Chester and his owner’s fantastic achievement!



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