Introducing Team Rainsbrook Vets!

At the beginning of 2014 British Dressage launched new team event called Team Quest, which was pioneered by the gold medalist Charlotte Dujardin. This competition was designed to encourage friends to get together and compete and enjoy the sport – so Team Rainsbrook Vets was born! Members of the team include: David Walker on Morgan, Pip Walker on Princess Chocochip, Nina Parish on Bodzapha, Sarah Jacklin on Puddle of Mud, Wendy Garrett on Ardenlea Crystal Lady, Margaret Warner on Classy Bright Eyes, Susan Bullock on Lynwood Crofter, Jayne Henderson on The Haymaker and Anne-Sophie Gilson on Basantos. We can have as many  members to our team as we like and can then mix and match for each event to our strengths.

Four members competed in each event and the grand total of the highest 3 member’s points over the season was the overall team score. Out of over 300 teams from all over the UK Team Rainsbrook Vets places a very respectable 34th! They just missed out on the Championship with only the top 20 teams going through…

Watch this space for 2015 – we have a feeling we will have a great year!

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