Regular Weekly Bunny Health Checks

To keep your bunny in tip-top shape we would recommend you give them regular health checks at home. This inspection of your rabbit will encourgae regular handling and will therefore strengthen the bond between you. once you get to know your rabbit, you will become familiar with the way yours moves, reacts and feeds, and you will find it easier to spot when something is wrong. Remember, rabbits are a prey species and so will cover up injuries and will not show signs of being very poorly until the illness is quite advanced. This is way regular checks are very important.



Gently look inside to see if they’re free from mites and fleas



See that there are no bald patches, no signs of mites or fleas and no sign of injury.



Make sure the feet have not been injured and check that claws have not overgrown



Make sure it is clean and not sticky or wet, which can be a sign of poor diet or malnutrition. Any droppings attached to the fur should be washed off to prevent flies laying eggs.



Check to see there is no excessive drooling. Be careful, rabbits may bite if they’re not comfortable with their mouths being examined



They should be clear, shiny, not swollen and free from discharge. Dampness or dull or swollen eyes can be symptoms of illness which may lead to blindness.

If in doubt, please contact your vet for advice


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