Never give up!

Luke is a 2 year old kitty who miraculously was found after being missing for 7 weeks. His owners feared the worse but never gave up hope. His owner is a volunteer for the local Cats Protection so was fully versed on what to do to try and find a lost cat. She contacted all the local vets, had him added to the Midwarwickshire Cats Protection branches lost and found register, informed the microchip database that he was missing, added pictures onto Facebook/social media and crucially, leafleted and put posters up in the local area. It was a poster that reunited Luke with his owners – a lady recognised him as a cat that she had seen in her garden a few times. After a little while of trying to catch him, the Rook family were reunited!

image1 (1)

Luke was in quite a sorry state after his ordeal. He lost a lot of his condition, was filthy, and had an old healed dislocated/fractured hock that needed to be repaired.

luke back

When he was caught he was seen by one of our vets out of hours who gave him a health assessment and advised some TLC before coming in for xrays and a plan for repairing that leg. Luke ate solidly for 3 days, and started to put the pounds back on which he lost during his traumatic time.

2015-06-15 12.43.05 2015-06-15 12.43.17

Surgery was completed, and after a bit of time getting used to his bandaged leg, we have been told that Luke is blossoming back into his pre-missing self!

luke adapting
It is heartbreaking to lose a pet and not know what happened, but even after unimaginable lengths of time, there is always a chance you could be reunited. All you can do is get their information out there and never give up hope.


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